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5 top life-changing foods recommended by naturopath Eric Prince

What are some of the roadblocks that keep people from pursuing a healthy lifestyle? 

The greatest roadblock to a truly healthy lifestyle is family tradition. The way we eat is passed down to us from our parents who got it from their parents. These traditions have created unhealthy conditions. It’s not easy to just want to be healthy and eat healthily, you have to rewire your mind and body. 

To overcome this roadblock requires coaching, detoxifying your body, and changing your environment to one more conducive to healthy living. 

Could you list the top five foods for people who are looking to maintain their healthy lifestyle? 

The top five foods for a person who is looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle are: 

  1. Raw dishes. These are live, uncooked foods;
  2. Steamed vegetables;
  3. Real fruit and vegetable juices;
  4. One hundred percent non-GMO whole grains;
  5. Plant-based protein: Beans, lentils, tempeh, nuts, quinoa, beyond meat products, protein powdered shakes. 

Bonus:  Freshwater and wild-caught fish.

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