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NBA YoungBoy says his child’s mother infected him with herpes, she responds

Photo source: Instagram – @nba_youngboy

NBA YoungBoy allegedly revealed how he became infected with herpes. A video of a previously unreleased song surfaced on the internet which includes accusations that NBA YoungBoy was infected with the STD by the mother of his child and ex-girlfriend, Jania Jackson.

NBA YoungBoy raps, “That ain’t the truth when I hear what you saying/I got herpes and I gave it to Ni/To tell the truth that chick gave it to me.”

The song created a frenzy on social media.

Following NBA YoungBoy’s claim, Jackson responded by tweeting, “I didn’t give nobody s—t,” she wrote. “This lying s–t getting out of hand and I’m sick of it.”

NBA YoungBoy hasn’t commented after Jackson’s response. However, their ordeal serves as a reminder to teens and young adults to always practice safe sex.