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Tariq Nasheed upset, claims ‘Queen & Slim’ lead actress worships White men

Tariq Nasheed upset, claims 'Queen & Slim' lead actress worships White men
Actress Jodie Turner-Smith (Photo credit: / FlickDirect Inc)

Author Tariq Nasheed posted his disdain for the rolling out article, ” ‘Queen & Slim’ lead actress called ‘bed wench’ over interracial marriage” on Twitter.

“This is a lie, she was called that because of all her [Jodie Turner-Smith] White zaddy-worshiping tweets,” Nasheed posted on Dec. 24 in reference to rolling out’s article.

Nasheed and others on social media pulled up several old tweets where Turner-Smith tweeted about dating outside of her race.

In a tweet posted in June 2015, Turner-Smith wrote, “Someone said to me that they always thought I only liked White/light-skinned men. No. Reality: Growing up dark men told me I wasn’t attractive.”

In another post from 2015, Turner-Smith wrote, “The first men to make me feel beautiful were White men. Sad but true. Sometimes Black men would say I was ‘pretty for a dark-skinned girl.’ ” She also wrote in 2015, “The White man was the first to nyam [slang term for oral sex] me out. These things stay with you for a long time.”

Turner-Smith married Joshua Jackson, a White actor who starred in the 1990s TV show, “Dawson’s Creek,” on Dec. 20, 2019.

Turner-Smith was called a “bed wench” by some on social media and responded by posting on Twitter, “Hey Siri, what is a ‘bed wench’ and why are there bm [Black men] in my dm’s [direct messages] calling me that?”

Bed wench is a term that dates to the era of American slavery. It was often aimed at Black women who were raped by their White slave masters. During slavery, Black women were property could not reject sexual advances from Whites. As a result, it’s the wrong terminology to use when dealing with a Black woman who chooses to have consensual sex with a person outside of their race.

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