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Young media correspondent Dai Time proves age is nothing but a number

Dai Time (Photo courtesy of Darice Arceneaux)

Thirteen-year-old Daitime Arceneaux, known professionally as Dai Time, is a freelance media correspondent who proves that age is nothing but a number when it comes to talent. For the past three years, the Atlanta native has conducted red carpet interviews with celebrities at major events, most recently at the 2019 Soul Train Music Awards, and with Fresh Empire, the Food and Drug Administration’s ongoing anti-smoking campaign to encourage youth to embrace tobacco-free lives. 

Dai Time has become an inspiration to her generation, especially teenage girls. She recently stopped by rolling out studios to discuss her exciting career.

Why do you think continued learning is important?

It’s always important to continue learning because there is always a way to better yourself and your craft every day.

What role does technology play in your day-to-day life? 

Technology plays a big role in my life. It allows me to use social media platforms to showcase my work globally. I utilize technology by posting daily on my Instagram and YouTube [pages], often showing youth around the world that they can do anything regardless of their age. My Instagram account showcases youth other than myself [who] are doing great things that I [want] to acknowledge and support.

Describe your personal brand.

My personal brand is inspirational and 100 percent proof that you can accomplish all your entrepreneurial goals at any age. At the age of six, I wrote my own song; by the age of nine I authored a book; by the age of 10, I had a magazine; and currently, at the age of 13, I’m one of the few and only teen/youth media correspondents.

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