Why Nipsey Hussle’s tragic demise was hip-hop’s most devastating loss of 2019

Why Nipsey Hussle's tragic demise was hip-hop’s most devastating loss of 2019
Slauson Bruce and Nipsey Hussle (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

For all intents and purposes, Nipsey Hussle owned a remarkable connection to another fallen West Coast legend in Tupac Shakur. He spoke it. He quoted it and he worked Pac’s genius into a career that was bound to erupt whether you liked it or not. Shakur provided the spark and Nipsey kept it lit until his dying day.

Like Shakur, Nipsey’s death will forever be etched into the psyche of his fans, friends, followers and family. Some have suggested his best work didn’t reach the masses until he was violently taken from us and that is a fair assessment. However, to question his legacy is ignoring all that he accomplished in and out of the music industry.

Nipsey was a man of the people and earned the moniker “Naybahood Nip” for that reason. Prior to the release of his debut album, Victory Lap, he developed a series called “The Midas Touch” that showed him at his philanthropic finest. The video opens with an older man of the community, “Slauson Bruce,” praising Nip for putting him in the game.

“Naybahood gave me the job,” he says. “He got me going and I love him. Sam, Nipsey, the whole crew. We gon’ keep it pushin.”

Moments later, Nipsey pulls up in his tinted-out Maybach and after some small talk, tells his employee of 13 years, “Matter of fact, get yo a– in.”

Bruce pushes the cart aside, blurts “Neighborrrr,” and hops in before being treated to a day of guilt-free spending. After getting a fresh cut in the hood, he is fitted at Tom Ford, adorned with fresh drip (a gold chain, watch and ring), eats twin lobster tails in Beverley Hills, sips wine while enjoying a pedicure, then ends the day with a massage and a trip to the gentlemen’s club.

Flip the page to read more and view the video featuring “Slauson Bruce.”

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