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Movies » Jamie Foxx admits he is a member of the mile-high club

Jamie Foxx admits he is a member of the mile-high club

Jamie Foxx (Photo credit: @Parisa / Splash News)

Jamie Foxx has admitted he’s become a member of the fictional mile-high club, which is a slang term used when someone has had sex during a flight.

But the 52-year-old actor originally teased that the term meant he’d smoked marijuana while on a plane before being pressed to answer the question.

After being asked on Ellen Degeneres’ “Burning Questions” — in which celebrities answer a series of rapid-fire questions — if he was a member of the mile-high club, Foxx said: “Am I a member of the mile-high club? That means you get high when you’re in the plane? Yes, I smoke. I smoke it up.”

To which Degeneres responded: “That’s not what that means, and you know it.”

Foxx then conceded, and said: “Yes, I am.”

The Just Mercy star also joked he’s been “slightly drunk” every day for a month following the party he threw for his 52nd birthday in December.

Asked when the last time he partied all night was, he said: “I am still at the party. I partied all night long. My birthday was Dec. 13, I have been sleepy and slightly drunk since Dec. 13. Every night. I’m like Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Foxx listed “Puff Diddy Combs” — also known as P. Diddy — as the star who throws the best parties after he also celebrated his own birthday with a star-studded bash in December, which he attended.

And Foxx then teased his idea of the perfect date would be “reading Scriptures” and getting “closer to the Lord.”

The Django Unchained actor said: “Oh, man. Reading Scriptures. Just trying to get closer to the Lord. Hallelujah, Lord Jesus. Trying to be faith tonight. Will you save me, Lord Jesus?”