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Pastor Troy doubles down on homophobic comments about Lil Nas X (video)

Lil Nas X (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Rather than backtrack or apologize for this past week’s homophobic rant aimed at Lil Nas X, vertan rapper Pastor Troy chose to double-down on those inflammatory comments during an interview on “The Morning Hustle” radio show.

The controversy was ignited when Pastor Troy, 42, said he was repulsed by Nas, 20, who appeared at the Grammy Awards in an all-pink leather cowboy outfit replete with pink hat, shoes and matching belt.

The outfit went viral on social media, triggering Troy’s anger.

“It was just going across social media so much, I just … I just couldn’t take it,” he said on the radio show. “I had to say something.”

Troy then added: “If this what it takes to get a Grammy, then I just won’t get one.”

Pastor Troy, for the record, has never won a Grammy.

Pastor Troy, who was born Micah LeVar Troy, said that Nas was not the author of his success and credited an unseen entity for catapulting the fellow Atlanta native upward into international fame and two Grammy Award wins.

When Troy saw an Applebees commercial with two gay men kissing and sharing a fishstick, Troy exploded on Twitter with profane denunciations of homosexuality.

“They just trying to push this thing on us. Some things are not acceptable. Some things just ain’t right,” Troy said on the show.

When Troy was asked how he’d respond if his 14-year-old son came out as a homosexual, Troy said “I don’t even entertain no stuff like that,” he said while shaking his head dismissively. “I don’t even put that thought in my mind. I don’t put that into the atmosphere.”
“I command my son to be a man,” he added.

Check out the interview in full: