Writer Teneshia Jackson Warner shares tips on mentorship and networking

Do you still have mentor moments? 

Absolutely. I was speaking with a gentleman a few years ago and we were talking about a project I was working on. He stopped the conversation and asked me what my dream was for the project. When I told him my dream, he challenged me to dream bigger. It was a mentor moment that I’ve never forgotten.

You created a quiz to help people identify with their personal brand of an entrepreneur. Why is it important to understand where you fit in order to become successful? 

I wanted people to understand that there are many different journeys to success, not one specific one. I believe everyone identifies with one of these five types of dreamers. I say dreamers instead of entrepreneurs because not everyone sees themselves as an entrepreneur but hopefully, everyone sees themselves as a dreamer.

Warner created a free quiz to help you learn more about the type of dreamer-entrepreneur you are. Access the quiz here: https://www.thebigstretchbook.com

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