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Doner multicultural ad exec Andrew Lamar’s baobab tree grows diversity for all

How has the baobab tree project been received in your office?

This initiative involved employees from many departments and disciplines — from creatives to digital, to account management and production. There is an immense sense of pride that all of these people from different backgrounds were able to come together to create something beautiful and impactful. Many employees in the building have expressed that they would love to keep the display up year-round and love what it represents.

In the audio clip below, Lamar elaborates on how he worked with his colleagues — art director Dominique Wilson and head of design Benjamin Bailey — to develop the project. He gives a quick history lesson on the baobab tree and described how they literally, physically and collectively brought the tree to life.


What does the future hold for the baobab tree project?

The future of the baobab tree initiative is to be a lasting symbol of respect, reverence and commitment to paying it forward. Just as the majestic tree that it reflects lives on for thousands of years, the [initiative’s] website represents a digital form of a living, breathing baobab tree to last in perpetuity.

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