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DJ DOMO gives audiences HBCU homecoming experience with her mixes

DJ Domo (Photo credit: Chynna Keys)

Dominique Wells, aka DOMO, is a national DJ, music curator and multifaceted creative. Born and raised in the DMV, DJ DOMO has a passion for her region’s musical culture, which she loves to share in her mixes.

She has toured with Wiz Khalifa and BET and performed at events for major brands, including HBO, Live Nation, Fader and Nike. DOMO was named the music programmer for the Kennedy Center where she focuses on women’s and go-go music events. In addition, she created GIRLAAA, an event series-turned-creative consulting agency for women that focuses on the intersection music and art.

Rolling out spoke with the DJ DOMO about her journey and what makes a DOMO mix special.

Hometown: DMV (Washington, D.C.-Maryland-Virginia)
Current city: Washington, D.C.

Where are you spinning? 

I just wrapped a tour with BET for Lena Waithe’s new show “Twenties.” The big events I have coming up are deejaying for Pharrell’s Something In The Water Festival in Virginia Beach and the Broccoli City Festival in D.C.

How did you come up with your DJ name?

DOMO is short for “Dominique” and has always been my name around the way. It’s also the name of a Japanese icon, who I now use as my mascot.

How do you define your style? 

My style is diverse, but I definitely lean toward club, dance and hip-hop, both current and early 2000s. I’ll go from Tribe to Roddy to Kaytranada in a second. I feel like I’ve mastered being able to make any room feel like homecoming at an HBCU, a cookout or a family reunion. When people can go down the rabbit hole with you from era to era and genre to genre, those are the rooms I have the most fun in.

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