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TV » Jeannie Mai cries about finding love with Jeezy after being broken (video)

Jeannie Mai cries about finding love with Jeezy after being broken (video)

Jeannie Mai (Image source: Instagram – @TheReal)

During the first episode of “The Real” with the show’s five stars filming in self-isolation, the conversation immediately turned to the blossoming relationship between co-host Jeannie Mai and music mogul Jeezy.

“I would say…,” were the only words Mai could get out before she sputtered and dissolved into tears. Her co-hosts were surprised that she became so emotional so quickly.

Mai previously was married to actor Freddy Harteis from 2007 to 2017, and she characterized their divorce as “one of the most traumatic things that can happen,” on the show’s Instagram page.

“You feel like you failed. You feel embarrassed. All those people that were there at your wedding, all those people who were excited for you,” she explained. “You get jaded. I remember telling you guys, ‘I’m not getting married again.’”

Mai said it was “surreal” to get engaged during California’s mandatory self-isolation rules, but she indicated that Jeezy’s impromptu engagement corresponded with his personality. His original plan to put a ring on it during their April trip to Vietnam was, of course, aborted in the wake of the global pandemic.

“He did exactly what I know him to do during a time where you would think life would stop. J continued with life no matter what,” she said about his proposal at his Los Angeles-area home.

“And when it comes to marriage, it’s not just the perfect moments. It’s really about those times, who are you, who is your character when things hit the fan. To see him be the relentless, tenacious man I fell in love with, it puts a whole new meaning to this ring to me.”

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