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Amina Daniels, founder of Live Cycle Delight in Detroit, is staying the course

Detroit native Amina Daniels understands that there is still work to be done to make self-care and fitness a priority during a global pandemic. As the owner of a downtown Detroit fitness and cycling studio, Daniels has had to be innovative in her approach while remaining true to her core.

After all, Daniels is still a fitness professional. Since opening the doors of Live Cycle Delight in 2017, she has garnered a loyal audience of health and fitness enthusiasts. Her fitness philosophy is trifold: train, sweat, restore. These three pillars represent a total training system and the foundation of the 35-year old’s studio.

Rolling out caught up with Daniels to find out more about her personal fitness philosophy, get her take on exercising during trying times and more.

What are three words that describe the Live Cycle Delight brand? 

We are inclusive, community-based and engaged with our patrons.

What’s your advice to those on lockdown? 

My advice is to continue to exercise, eat healthy, try to get more sleep and don’t drink that liquor. People always get mad at me for that [last] one.

Name three women who have influenced you.

Dream Hampton because of her work ethic. Sybil Griffin, who is tough and detail-oriented. Both of them are Virgos. Go figure. And Carol Aldridge Daniels, my mom, who is thoughtful, empowering and taught me to leave no stone unturned.

What’s your motto? 

I say this before every class: We have to tap into better because there’s always more to give. I graduated from Clark Atlanta University. Our motto was to “find a way or make a way.” I don’t really live with excuses.

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