Detroit philanthropist Jim Thrower is leaving a legacy of McDonald’s ownership

Jim Thrower is a titan of industry in Detroit. From playing defensive back for the Detroit Lions in the late 1970s to currently owning 14 McDonald’s restaurants across Michigan, Thrower has cemented himself in the history books as a philanthropist, business owner and community leader.

Thrower is currently president and CEO of Jamjomar Inc., and for several decades, he’s been successful at building the family business. To date, all four of his children own McDonald’s franchises from Michigan to Louisiana, and he is now also working to establish businesses for his grandkids.

Rolling out spoke with Thrower on March 13, 2020, at a “313 Day” pop-up event at his “mothership” location — the first McDonald’s he owned — off of the Chrysler Freeway and Mack Avenue on Detroit’s east side.

What does 313 Day represent to you?

First of all, that’s the area code that I live in. With McDonald’s, we always try to relate it to the customers that we serve. Being here in the Detroit community, 313 Day is very important to all of us. McDonald’s wants to do the right thing in the community. They want to reach out, they want to touch those not only in the 313 area code but [also] in the 248, 734 and every other community. It’s a special day for us, and we want to make sure that the community understands what it’s all about.

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