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Dr. Tameka Blake details impact of COVID-19

Tameka Blake, emergency room physician at Piedmont Newton Hospital (Photo courtesy of Dr. Tameka Blake)

Dr. Tameka Blake knows firsthand the effects of COVID-19 and how it has impacted our communities. She has treated many patients in the metro Atlanta area who have tested positive for the coronavirus, and it is her belief that “we will get through this.”

The board-certified Dr. Blake is the medical director of emergency medicine at Piedmont Newton Hospital in Covington, Georgia.

Besides being on the front line of this pandemic as a caregiver, Dr. Blake is an entrepreneur, wife and mom. Rolling out spoke to the Brooklyn, New York, native about COVID-19.

As a medical professional, are you afraid of COVID-19? How close is your contact with patients you suspect are infected?
Because I walk in faith and believe in a higher power, I don’t fear COVID-19. I’m an emergency room doctor, so I am directly on the front line and come into direct contact with patients that are suspected of COVID-19. I am the health care professional that will evaluate and treat patients based on their presenting symptoms.

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