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Community Leadership » Nonprofit Soul Reborn shifts focus to support frontline workers during pandemic

Nonprofit Soul Reborn shifts focus to support frontline workers during pandemic

Photo credit: Soul Reborn

Restoring hope and dignity in women has long been the personal mission of bestselling author, transformational speaker and successful entrepreneur Cheryl Polote-Williamson.

Williamson has changed lives through her labors of love, which include writing and producing motivational and inspirational books and films and serving her community as founder and CEO of the Tyler, Texas-based charitable organization Soul Reborn Victory Center.

“We’ve served more than 4,500 women since opening January of 2019, several of which were served regularly at three low-income apartment buildings this past year,” Polote-Williamson said. “Whether through education from personal and professional programs, volunteering in support of community initiatives, clothes donations, or meals, our sole and soul purpose is to empower the broken, disenfranchised and often forgotten.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, there was no way she could keep still. However, with all the guidelines and stipulations in place for social distancing, she wondered how she could continue being of service.

“We had to switch lanes,” Polote-Williamson said. “It was simple in my mind. People were still in need. The faces changed, yes, but there was definitely a need. So, for a moment, we had to shift our focus. Supporting and empowering the lives of those who were on the front lines saving lives became the priority.”

She made a few phone calls, including one to Felicia Guimont, owner of Southern Best Cooking/OMG Cakes. True to her nature, Polote-Williamson thought if she was going to make a difference during this frightening and uncertain time, she should start by supporting a woman-owned business that had recently lost 90 percent of its revenue due to the coronavirus outbreak and quarantine.

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