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How the manosphere found its way into the Black community

Steven Dashiell, the author of this editorial, is an interdisciplinary sociologist who studies language, specifically the nature of discourses in male-dominated subcultures. He speaks of the manosphere—a collection of online and offline groups that believe in male superiority and often

Tackling the COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in the Black community

Vaccination vs. intubation: tackling COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in the Black community Words by: Dr. Bill Releford, DPM and Founder, The Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program & Black Limbs Matter Black Americans have a long and troubled history with the medical

Rashad Richey receives award from White House

National television host and radio personality Rashad Richey has been honored with the prestigious White House Presidential Volunteer Service Award for his work with gang-affected and gang-affiliated youth and social advocacy. Many know Richey from ‘The Rashad Richey Morning Show”

Where do older millennials go from here?

As I move into the last year of my 30s, I am taking the time to reflect where blacks in my generation are financially. I am specifically reflecting on where those sometimes called “geriatric millennials” are in their path to

Victor Hill’s political enemies behind federal indictment

Embattled Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill is facing a new federal indictment alleging his office illegally used a restraint chair on a detainee who was hooded and punched in the face after being arrested for speeding and driving on a

Former federal prosecutor joins Sheriff Victor Hill’s defense team

An interesting twist occurred this week with the federal four-count indictment against Clayton County’s controversial Sheriff Victor Hill. Lynsey M. Barron, a former federal prosecutor, who worked in the very office that brought charges against Sheriff Hill, made an entry

Jon Ossoff’s message connects to Black voters

One of the most iconic places and pivotal moments in the fight for civil rights is the backdrop for Jon Ossoff’s newest campaign ad called, “Selma.” Ossoff, the Democratic nominee facing Republican incumbent David Perdue in one of Georgia’s two

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