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White men carry automatic rifles to peaceful Black Lives Matter protest (video)

(Photo: @itsbellagomez via Twitter screenshot)

As protests across the nation continue to bring attention to George Floyd‘s death and racial injustices, some individuals who are opposed to the message of Black Lives Matter have decided to show force. In Crown Point, Indiana, peaceful protesters were met by several armed White men who carried automatic rifles, according to a video posted on social media by Twitter user, @itsbellagomez.

In the video, eight White men with automatic rifles stood alongside each other as the peaceful protesters walked down Main Street in Crown Point, Indiana. The video also showed that the armed men did not make eye contact with one Black male protester who looked intently at each person carrying a gun. In Indiana, citizens are allowed to openly carry a rifle or shotgun.

Before the video ends, protesters thank police officers for helping to keep the peace during an ordeal that could have ended in violence.

However, police officers across the nation may want to consider how they control similar situations. Protesters should not be met by armed White men, even if they have the legal right to carry. During these times, a small conflict can lead to deadly consequences.

View video below: