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Bestselling writer Kennedy Ryan shares advice on sharpening your craft 

Kennedy Ryan (Photo provided)

Journalist turned best selling romance author Kennedy Ryan, is a literary force to be reckoned with. Ryan writes stories rooted in feminism that all women can relate to, while often challenging the boundaries of tradition. Her authenticity and talent have won her prestigious honors like the RITA Award, USA Today Bestseller, and Top 25 Amazon Bestseller. We spoke with Ryan about her latest novel and instant bestseller Queen Move and her career journey.

Tell us about your new book Queen Move?

The heroine is named Kimba, and she is an Olivia Pope type character. She has a political consulting firm and her mission is to put people in power, who will advance the causes of marginalized groups. She comes from Atlanta and a family that is steeped in civil rights activism. Her dad would be someone like John Lewis or like Andrew Young. She grows up with a guy who is Black and Jewish who lives across the street named Ezra. Something separates them and years later they come together.

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