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Gregory Winfield encourages his children to be the best they can be

Photo courtesy of Gregory Winfield

Gregory Winfield is a South Side Chicago native and the father of three children. Along with being a manager of a Fortune 100 company and a DJ, he also volunteers his time and services with the children and elderly in his community. Rolling out spoke to Winfield about being a father and how these times have informed his approach to fatherhood and his legacy.

What legacy are you leaving for your children and the children of your community?

The legacy that my grandfather and father left was to receive a good education, [have a] great work ethic and [use] common sense. They reminded me every day that those three things will carry you a long way. That’s the legacy that I will leave for my own children as well as the ones in my community.

How have these times affected the way you speak to your children with respect to racism?
It has become a household conversation since the very beginning. We don’t talk about color, we talk about not making excuses. Having two young men of my own, I share stories to let them know that regardless of what the color of your skin, you still can achieve your dreams. Just recently, I had a conversation with my children, reminding them that it wasn’t that long ago that there grandparents were not allowed to vote till they were 30 years of age. I want my children to understand the importance of voting and having a voice of change against racism.

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