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Ant Seales sparks money and mindset conversations with Commas & Sense brand

Freshman mistakes are common when you are learning. What were some that you made in the beginning?

I think I jumped out there to show too many different color options. Based on what it [the brand] is about, I also wanted it to be part of the sneaker culture because I am. One of our phrases is, “We want you to look at our designs and know exactly what you’re going to wear with it.” I have a rack of sneakers, so it was important to me to have something to wear with everything that I have. I think I jumped up there with too many options, and you’d have people saying, “I like this, but can I get it with this color or that color.” Customer service is everything, so I had to make it happen. We’ve learned to streamline that a little bit going forward.

What role does social media play in marketing your business?

[We’re] just constantly posting. I don’t like social media at all, and if it weren’t for the business I would not be on it. I’m blessed to have a team of people around me who continue to post. If not for social media, I don’t think that I would have seen the success that I’ve seen thus far.

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