Marvel star Anthony Mackie says studio execs’ ‘unawareness’ stifles diversity

Marvel star Anthony Mackie says studio execs' 'unawareness' stifles diversity
Anthony Mackie (Photo credit: Jon Furniss / Corbis via  Splash News)

Anthony Mackie believes Marvel Studios have an “unawareness problem.”

The Captain America: The Winter Soldier star — who plays Falcon in the film series — thinks many Hollywood studios are not racist but just don’t realize they are not doing “enough” to promote diversity.

Speaking to Fatherly, he said: I don’t think what’s happening is a racism problem. I think it’s an unawareness problem.

“With Marvel, I really think with most companies, they feel like they’re doing what they should be doing. In no way, shape, or form, is it enough. My big thing is, put your money where your mouth is.

The 41-year-old actor admitted he feels a responsibility to speak out about issues of diversity.

He added: “You can’t cast a Black dude as one of your main superheroes and not expect him to have that conversation. It’s just in my DNA to have that conversation. It’s a huge opportunity for me to be part of the Marvel universe, so it’s my job to make sure the Marvel universe is as good as it can be…

“The blessing about that is I can go into those meetings and say, ‘The next time I go into this meeting, I don’t want to be the only Black person here.’

“When I did ‘Altered Carbon,’ when they made me the offer, I said it’s very important to me that at least one of the directors is female and it’s very important to me that at least one of the directors is Black.”

Mackie admitted the finale of Avengers: Endgame, when an elderly Captain America passed his shield onto Falcon, was “humbling” for him.

He said: “It was humbling, just simply because of my background and where I came from. It’s even more humbling considering where we are as a country.

Marvel has done a lot as far as actors in front of the camera. Having Captain America pass the shield to a Black guy.

“Every studio has to do more about ushering more people into the business.”

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