Hairstylist Larry Sims partners with Gabrielle Union for Flawless relaunch

Hairstylist Larry Sims partners with Gabrielle Union for Flawless relaunch
Gabrielle Union and Larry Sims (Photo courtesy of Flawless by Gabrielle Union)

In 2017, while Gabrielle Union was ruling BET with her hit show “Being Mary Jane,” she also launched her hair care brand, Flawless by Gabrielle Union.

Despite her fame, Union still deals with the same struggles as many other Black women. While privately going through in vitro fertilization therapy, she began dealing with unforeseen hair loss. As a result, she decided to halt further development of her hair care line so she could reevaluate.

During the interim, she enlisted the help of her longtime friend and trusted celebrity hairstylist Larry Sims to restore the health of her hair. The experience ignited her desire to revisit her hair product collection.

Now three years later and with the help of Sims, Union has relaunched her hair care collection for textured hair. We spoke with Sims about working with Union and the development of the new collection.

Tell us how this product collaboration happened.

Not even thinking about a relaunch, we started coming up with things to grow her hair back. We were like mad scientists in the kitchen. I would order any and everything. We tried every single thing. We finally started to see results with biotin, keratin, bacuri butter, rice oil, rice water and rice water complex. We had to be super patient because hair growth is so discouraging. It can take so long to see any level of results. We logged in once we saw results and made sure that we implemented it into the product line once she decided to sever her relationship with the previous owners. She brought me on, [because] she wanted it to be majority Black-owned. I severed ties with the other company that I was working with and Flawless was created three years in the making.

Hairstylist Larry Sims partners with Gabrielle Union for Flawless relaunch
Flawless with Gabrielle Union (Photo courtesy of Flawless by Gabrielle Union)

Tell us about the collection and the products you’re offering.

We have 12 products and we wanted it to feel like a fresh beginning. With Gab and me, you get a professional perspective and you get a consumer perspective. We both fit the gamut of what really should go into a hairline. We wanted to make sure that we didn’t leave anybody out. I’m not opposed to lines that specifically cater to girls that just want to wear twist outs or be curly, but we didn’t want to do that. We wanted to make sure that we were all-inclusive.

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