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NBC’s ‘This Is Us’ to tackle coronavirus pandemic in season 5

NBC's 'This Is Us' to tackle coronavirus pandemic in season 5
Sterling K. Brown (Photo credit: Bang Media)

“This Is Us” will tackle the coronavirus pandemic head-on in season five.

Writers have been tweaking storylines for the next series of the family drama so that the plots set in the present day reflect the global health crisis, and creator Dan Fogelman is “very proud” of their efforts.

However, he reassured fans that the changes won’t mean they stray from the ultimate “planned ending” to the show.

Replying to fan questions as part of Deadline’s “Contenders Television: The Nominees” series, including whether they will “address COVID in the present day,” he posted: “Some vague #ThisIsUs answers (sorry)

“- Not sure yet on production start.

“- Not sure when new eps will air.

“- Yes on Covid. We’ve decided to attack things head on. Very proud of @ThisIsUsWriters

“- Same planned ending. Same route to get there.

“Hope that’s (somewhat) useful?”

As part of an interview for the virtual event, one of the show’s stars, Sterling K. Brown — who plays Randall Pearson — praised the efforts of the writers for doing their best to reflect real life in the program.

He said: “I go into the writers’ room all the time and listen to the level of thoughtfulness that they put into all of these characters.

“And I know Dan [Fogelman] desires for the world to see itself in our show, and for people to see themselves in characters that may not look like them in real life.”

Brown also teased that Randall’s relationship with his brother Kevin (Justin Hartley) will continue to be strained, even if they have moments of reconciliation, throughout the fifth series.

He said: “The relationship has been complicated from the beginning.

“They will continue like a yo-yo — will come apart and together, apart and together. I think by the time we reach that point in the future, there are other things on their minds that they are able to focus on to put aside whatever differences they have.

“But for the next two or however many seasons we’re around, I think you’ll continue to see these brothers fray and then resolve, fray and resolve.”

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