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Da’Vinchi aims to start a movement with new music

What inspired you to write “Bet On You?”

The inspiration came from doing TikTok, where I was just making videos for fun. Then I thought, “Maybe I’ll create the song and a dance challenge.” My manager liked the idea since we have all this time right now, but I didn’t want the message to be about drugs and sex and money. I wanted a different narrative. 

“Bet On You” is more than just a song, it’s a movement. We’re going to create a virtual conference, where I gather a few of my peers that I work with on different projects. We’re going to tell our stories of how we bettered ourselves and got out of all the circumstances we were born in. 

What is the overall message you want your audience to receive?

My peers and I have dope blueprints. The “Bet On You” movement is to inspire kids of all ages and even adults. Bet on yourself, and take the power away from society. You can become your own CEO if you take the right risks. When you take the right risks, the rewards are endless. No one is going to believe in you until you believe in you. If you’re taking the “good” or “conventional” route, it’s very limited where you can go. That’s not betting on yourself.

“Bet On You” is currently streaming on all platforms. Listen below.

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