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Christopher LeMark and Coffee, Hip-Hop & Mental Health are changing lives

What are your thoughts about accessibility to mental health professionals in the Black community?

There are [fewer] resources in communities that are underserved. Certain communities are deemed food and medical deserts. The city, aldermen and the public officials can do better.

You did a food drive that fed more than 10,000 people. Why is food important to good mental health?

The most basic of all needs are those [having] to do with physical survival. We need food, drink, shelter, sleep and oxygen to live, so when we don’t have these things, that [leads to] poor mental health.

Discuss your partnership with Boxville.

We approached Boxville with an idea to open a four-day coffee pop-up to help raise funds toward our people’s food drive. In conjunction with the pop-up, the four days will also serve as a wellness fair. This is a unique way to continue to raise mental health awareness while tackling food insecurity in the South Side. The four-day pop-up will be open from Sept. 24 to 27 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. We’re featuring specialty coffee blends with names like “Suicide Prevention” and “Vulnerability.”

All proceeds will go toward our two-day free farmers market in October. Support us by texting donate.feedchi to 77948 or stop by Cafe CHH&MH [at 332 E. 51st St. in Chicago].

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