Jordyn Woods explains how Tristan Thompson scandal changed her life (video)

Jordyn Woods explains how Tristan Thompson scandal changed her life (video)
Jordyn Woods (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Jordyn Woods is explaining publicly for the first time how her imprudent intimate exchange with NBA star Tristan Thompson in February 2019 fundamentally changed her as a person.

Ironically, the scandal catapulted Woods, 23, from relative obscurity to international fame overnight. She is photogenic, charismatic and modelesque, but it all came with a great personal price. Kissing Khloé Kardashian’s then-boyfriend Thompson permanently severed her close friendship with Kylie Jenner, 22. She had to move out of Jenner’s home and was ex-communicated from the family. She became the victim of vicious social media bullying from fans who, like Kardashian, blamed her for being a homewrecker.

Woods admitted during an interview on the YouTube series “Now With Natalie” that she quickly descended into a place where she felt she could not trust others.

“I remember just sitting in a very dark place. I had my family to talk to, I had you to talk to, but I just felt like I had no one,” Woods told host Natalie Manuel Lee. “You take everything you think you know for a whole decade, the people you think you know, the life you think you know, everything that you’ve grown up doing and you take it all away from someone. I didn’t even know how to feel.

“I deleted everything off of my phone. I wouldn’t respond to anyone. I responded to about two people. I pushed people away that probably shouldn’t have been pushed away, but I just couldn’t trust anyone. Everything in my life changed.”

Much like Woods said when she spoke to Jada Pinkett Smith last year on “Red Table Talk,” she acknowledged her role in what went down and accepted the subsequent vilification from Kardashian fans. But enduring the fiasco, coupled with overcoming her father John’s passing from cancer in 2017, eventually made her a stronger person.

“I’m not happy that people were hurt and people had to go through what they went through,” Woods said. “It was a lot for everyone, my family, other families, friends, and not in a million years have I had a negative intention to do something bad to anyone I love. I wouldn’t say I’m happy something like that happened, but I’m happy I was able to become who I am today.”

Listen to Wood in the video below share how the Thompson scandal changed her. It begins at about the 10-minute mark.

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