Charlamagne says Kanye owes Big Sean $3M due to bad record deal

Charlamagne says Kanye owes Big Sean $3M due to bad record deal
Kanye West (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Charlamagne Tha God called out Kanye West for allegedly giving Big Sean a bad contract.

On  Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020, “The Breakfast Club” radio personality shared an inside scoop about Sean’s deal with West’s G.O.O.D Music record label and Def Jam

Charlamagne shared that Big Sean has shown restraint while dealing with being ripped off by West.

“Kanye West owes Big Sean $3 million,” Charlamagne said. “Kanye West gets half of Sean’s profits and half of Sean’s royalties, and Kanye wouldn’t agree to Big Sean getting his masters back from Def Jam. Kanye needs to do right by Big Sean.”

In September, West ranted on Twitter about his record deal with Universal Music Group and shared that he does not own his master recordings. After his rant, West tweeted that he would be giving all of his G.O.O.D Music artists their masters back.

“Thank you! This would help so much,” Sean tweeted in response to West.

West then challenged Universal Music Group to give its artists their masters.

Charlamagne urged Black people to treat each other fairly when it comes to business.

“Brothers, we gotta stop doing that to each other,” Charlamagne said during “The Breakfast Club” broadcast. “Because we run around out here misleading other people and really being false prophets, but you’re not even doing right by your own people. Do right by your people, [Kanye].”

West or Big Sean has yet to respond to Charlamagne’s claim.

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