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Life coach Dawn Johnson helps people connect with their inner light

Life coach Dawn Johnson helps people connect with their inner light
Life and mindset coach Dawn L. Johnson (Photo provided)

After 20 years in corporate America, Dawn Johnson decided it was time to do what she does best — motivate, mentor and help people to connect with their inner light. As a John C. Maxwell-certified life coach, Johnson helps others define their purpose.

Johnson spoke with rolling out about her superpowers,

As a Black woman, what are your superpowers?

Energy, nurturing joyful spirit, being a Black woman and mother, ability to guide you to your own inner healing, unshakable confidence, innate ability to discern what is for me and what is not, manifesting what I desire, femininity, and my ability to be vulnerable.

What key skills or qualities make you unique as an African American female leader?

John C. Maxwell focuses on the principles of being a servant leader. Servant leadership focuses on the needs of others, especially your team, before your needs. I am a leader that acknowledges other people’s perspectives [and] supports them in achieving their goals. I believe this is important to build a sense of community as well as trust. When people trust that you have their best interest at heart they will move mountains as a collective. I believe that servant leadership is transformational by nature. Allowing for people to truly show up as their authentic selves. Authenticity is where our magic lives.

What makes you a phenomenal Black woman?

I lead with love! I am a heart-centered life and mindset coach in love with my purpose and my passion to be a transformational leader. I show up as my true authentic self and my dope-a– energy always shifts the room. My light and energy are contagious. I am compassionate and have a heightened sensitivity to other people’s pain. I am a guide to help others find their own inner light. I am a phenomenal Black woman because I have the belief that to be enlightened and whole you must have a deep understanding of yourself.

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