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Kevin Hart barks at critics of him dressing newborn in profane onesie

Kevin Hart (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Folks climbed all over Kevin Hart for dressing his newborn child in a profanity-laced outfit that matched the name of his new Netflix comedy special No F—- Given.

The photo, which has since been snatched down from Hart’s Instagram page but screenshot by the likes of The Jasmine Brand, featured Kaori in a jogging outfit with the actual words Zero F—- Given.


Hart even captioned the post with this message:

“Zero F—- Given”……My baby supporting her daddy on opening day!!!! Zero F—- given is streaming on NETFLIX NOOOOOOOWWW!!!!! Go get some comedy in yo life d— it!!!!! #ComedicRockStarSh–.”

Many fans voiced opposition to Hart’s choice of outfits for the adorable tot and let him know about it with messages such as these:

Hart, 41, was apparently not in the mood on Monday to entertain other people’s opinions. The Ride Along and Central Intelligence star was incredulous that people had a problem with the outfit that his son cannot read.

“This is the world that we are currently living in….s— is funny and sad at the same time..Y’all mothaf—s need to grow up and get a hobby. What’s happening out here,” Hart barked at his critics.

“Once again I could give “Zero F—s”……Now go watch my special on NETFLIX “Zero F—s Given” …..Stupidity at the highest level. #ComedicRockStarSh– …..This is why my mindset is what it is in my comedy special ….as said in “Zero F—s Given” y’all are THE FEDS.”

Zero F—s Given is Hart’s sixth Netflix comedy special and radically unique from his other packed arena concert specials. This one, Hart is hanging out at the house while others are sprinkled around his living quarters, outfitted in masks and practically social distancing.