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Jay-Z’s nephew, college basketball star Nahziah Carter, accused of sexual assault

Jay-Z (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Nahziah Carter, the nephew of rap mogul Jay-Z, has been suspended by the University of Washington basketball team following two sexual assault allegations against him.

Carter has been missing from all of the Huskies basketball activities since October. According to ESPN, Nahziah Carter was suspended for violating the school’s intercollegiate athletics student code of conduct and was barred from all team activities.

His suspension was finalized this week after unsuccessful appeals. The complaints were made in January and March and the suspension was for three academic quarters through next summer.

Two women reported that the basketball player forced them to perfrom oral sex on him and one posted the results of the investigation on Twitter once they became known. The tweet, also accusing the University of Washington of not protecting them, read,

“We as the victims, feel that the University has failed to act in a way that protects and supports us. They also failed to notify the public of his behavior, neglecting to protect future victims and victims who never had a chance to seek justice.”

Nahziah carter

Image Source: Instagram – @_clutchcarter

Despite the suspension, no criminal charges seem to be pending and Hov’s nephew announced on Friday he was ready to begin his professional career. Nahziah, the son of Jay-Z’s older brother Eric, was projected to be the top player on the team this season. He’s ranked 87 on the current NBA draft roster.

Jay-Z has often rapped about his brother Eric in his rhymes and revealed he shot Eric during a dispute when they were younger over missing jewelry on the track “You Must Love Me.”