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Relationships » Are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian calling it quits? How to move on after it’s over

Are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian calling it quits? How to move on after it’s over

Kim Kardashian (Photo credit: Bang Media)

This just in: Kim Kardashian finally may have come to her senses and is calling it quits with husband Kanye West. While we’ve all watched their struggles and often scratched our heads wondering when Kim would stick a fork in their marriage, 2021 might be the year.

The catastrophe of 2020 made all of us pray for a better 2021. From dealing with continued political power struggles to COVID-19 destroying lives, the last thing you needed to add to the list of disappointments was love. You’ve realized that exerting your energy in this situation is a slow and deliberate death.

The reality that your relationship failed can be hard to accept. One of the hardest occurrences in life is acknowledging when it’s time to move on. Typically, words like perseverance and determination scream out for you to hang in there and wait for it to get better. But what if it doesn’t?

Even when you know something is wrong, making that decision to call it quits isn’t easy to do. You’re scared of being single, not wanting to hurt feelings, or worried about making the wrong decision. Ending a relationship can be difficult, no matter how toxic it might be. What do you do when your relationship is on life support and you’re fearful of pulling the plug?

Celebrity splits were rampant in 2020. Taraji P. Henson split from a two-year relationship with boyfriend Kelvin Hayden after therapy didn’t work. Then, Tisha Campbell-Martin dropped the bombshell on how her divorce from Duane Martin left her emotionally spent and penniless.

If you find yourself trapped in a relationship that you know isn’t healthy, it’s time for you to clean house.

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