Twitter outraged Vivica A. Fox called Young Thug a ‘sexy cockroach’ (video)

Social media was uniformly negative on Fox for having the temerity to make such a statement publicly about a Black man.

In the YouTube comments section, Pach’e wrote: “what she meant to say was,,, “he’s ugly but his money makes him sexy.”

Official Leaks asked this question of Fox: ” ‘He look like a cockroach.. and no I don’t mean that in a bad way.’ What roaches you ever seen that look good?”

TTMT surmised on YouTube that this was a case of karma coming back at Thugger like a boomerang: “It’s HILARIOUS because young thug himself has called black women roaches and burnt until his own mother had to make him apologize!!! Oh well LOL.”

Omillo Adams wrote: “That’s a smooth backhanded compliment 😂,” while NegroDamus offered a touch of levity to the subject: “Those upset: Thug Fans. Those not upset: people with common sense and pest control workers”

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