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What you can do while waiting to get the COVID vaccine

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COVID-19 hit Black and Brown communities hard, yet so many people of color are not jumping first in line to be vaccinated. The new administration‘s goal is to create an effective COVID-19 vaccination plan and administer 100 million shots in 100 days.  While you may have your reservations, we know that over 400,000 Americans have fallen victim to the disease. With so many uncertainties, conspiracies, and ideologies, following science is recommended. But while we are awaiting the vaccine, strengthening our immune system and remaining healthy is key. The immune system is your personal defense system against foreign agents like bacteria, viruses and parasites. The sophisticated system has several pathways that protect by recognizing, recalling, and eradicating foreign bodies from the body to keep us from getting ill.

How can I strengthen my immune system?

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Eating healthy can strengthen your immune system by supporting your body with the needed vitamins for the cells to work efficiently. The body is composed of several systems, the digestive system is one, which can be more effective when fed appropriately. Moreover maintaining a healthy gut also contributes to an improved systemic immune response.

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