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Woman undergoes procedure to remove Gorilla Glue from hair (video)

Tessica Brown (Image source: Instagram / @im_d_ollady)

Tessica Brown, the woman dubbed “Gorilla Glue girl,” has had her life flipped upside down over the last seven days. In just a matter of days, Brown became a viral name after she accidentally glued her hair to her scalp. Since her first TikTok video went viral, fans have anxiously awaited seeing how her ordeal would end. Now, footage of Brown’s surgical procedure in Beverly Hills, Calif., has been released.

On Thursday, Feb. 11, TMZ released footage of Brown’s procedure and the dramatic results. Not only was the procedure a success, but Brown also managed to keep her hair.

The latest news comes just one day after Brown was interviewed by “Entertainment Tonight.” While some people would likely welcome viral attention, Brown admitted that she is “over it.” When she posted the video seeking advice from social media users, she never expected the situation to explode the way that it has.

“The reason I went to the internet because I was never going to take this to social media [but] the reason I took it to social media was because I didn’t know what else to do,” she explained. “I knew somebody out there, somebody could have told me something. I didn’t think for one second it was going to be everywhere.”

She added, “Again, it never was — who in they right mind would have just said, ‘Oh, let me just spray this on my head and I’m going to become famous overnight?’ Never. Who would want that?”

Although a large number of social media users were critical of Brown, she has also received overwhelming support. The procedure she underwent in Beverly Hills was done pro-bono and social media users have also donated thousands to her GoFundMe account.