Yella Beezy explains why he’s getting healthy

The “That’s On Me” hitmaker has also been busy during the pandemic focusing on a few businesses outside of rap. In the interview, Beezy revealed he has a trucking company that’s doing pretty well and his next move is to get into the assisted living business and build group homes for the mentally challenged. With plans of setting up the business so his family can be self-sufficient and generate wealth, he broke down the plan to TwoBeesTV even further.

“My family [has] been working with them like my whole life. So growing up, that’s what my mama was doing. So it was just something that I already looked into,” Beezy added. “My family already showed a passion for those people for years. … It [would] be more than a job with them. … My family already knows the ins-and-outs of [assisted living], so why not?”

Yella Beezy will also drop his new project Blank Checc later this year and hopefully his continued success will help put his health care business plans in motion.

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