Yella Beezy denies paternity claims (video)

Yella Beezy denies paternity claims (video)
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Dallas rapper Yella Beezy took to his Instagram stories on Thursday, June 17, and told a few women that they “need to find a new hustle.” The “That’s On Me” rapper revealed that he’s been receiving child support demands from women who claimed he fathered their kids. Not one for running away from responsibility, as he already has two children he raises, the Texas rapper shot down the claims and chastised the accusers in the process.

“This the second letter in the last year-and-a-half that I got for child support papers about somebody I don’t know. Ay man, y’all gotta stop and get a new hustle for real because that’s just crazy. The ladies from a couple months ago, I’ve never met and never hunched on you. This lady, I never met or hunched on you. You saying I met you in college? I never went to college. I went to community college. That was across the street from my high school and more like the 13th grade,” stated Yella Beezy.

The “Raccs” rapper went on to explain that he would have been too young to father one of the kids as the dates would have made him a child himself still.

“I ain’t never went to school in San Antonio. Never met the lady and I wouldn’t have been in college in 2010. And not tryna be rude, but I wouldn’t of even messed around with her. Respectfully!!!!! Idk if they be telling the kids (hopefully they don’t). Ain’t no telling who they go tell … they’ll be embarrassed after finding out it ain’t true. That’s crazy why put them through that?” the rapper commented.

Yella Beezy is also constantly sharing pictures of his sons on IG whom he calls “Baby Yella” and “Baby Dallas.”

Check out Yella Beezy shooting down the paternity claims on the following page.

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