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Celebrity fitness trainer Obi Obadike on the benefits of summer sports leagues

What are the best ways to thrive in a league sport?

Practice makes perfect. Don’t miss practice and work as hard as you can in practice and give your best on that competition day.

What if you start a league sport then you realize it is too difficult?

If you think it is too difficult, then you may need to put more time into practice and put more time in your off days to practice on your weaknesses. The more you practice the easier it will be.

If league sports prove to be too difficult, what else can people try?

Then just focus on staying in shape without focusing on the competition aspect of the sport. You can lift weights, walk, attend a dance class, attend a boot camp cardio class, attend a yoga class or start jogging. These are all things you can do to stay in shape without actually having to compete in a sport.

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