Azealia Banks remembers DMX, calls for universal health insurance for musicians

Azealia Banks remembers DMX, calls for universal health insurance for musicians
Azealia Banks (Photo credit: Splash News)

Azealia Banks took to Instagram to share her condolences for DMX, who died on Friday, April 9, and called for the music industry to prioritize health care for artists.

For many that don’t know, artist are signed to the label as independent contractors and don’t receive any health insurance benefits despite how much money they help the company make. Banks also describes how someone working in the marketing department could have health insurance for their entire family while artists are left in the cold.

“There have been a lot of times in my career where I’ve had fans, like ‘Azealia, go get help … go to the therapist.’ But guess what, I couldn’t afford to go see a f—— therapist because I had business managers, lawyers, record labels, everybody stealing my f—— money. Weaving this f——- web that is impossible to f——- penetrate,” explained Banks in her post.

Banks also talked about enablers who watch artists in terrible mental and physical condition and never get them any real help because they are bankrolling everyone else. She compared them to vultures waiting on artists to die so they can cash in even more. She then continued with her health insurance issues and called for the whole system to be reevaluated.

“I’m saying this to record labels, if you guys are going to sign people into these lifelong contracts where they are offering up their f——- intellectual property …  the top health insurance has to be a no-motherf—— brainer. The health insurance coverage needs to last for the artist’s entire lifetime,” she commented.

During the post, the Harlem entertainer also revealed that DMX was a huge influence on her career and inspired her to perform.

“I want to start this video by sending my most sincere condolences to DMX’s family, DMX’s fanbase. Rest in peace DMX. You inspired a lot of artists and anyone who knows or has been following my musical journey, knows that Keith Flint from Prodigy and DMX are two of my biggest inspirations, especially when it comes to the Yung Rapunxel project and just my overall stage presence,” she added.

“Woodstock 99, DMX the way he’s rocking that whole set. Him in red overalls with a microphone is one of the most iconic things I’ve ever seen in my life and I watch it all the time.”

Check out Azealia Banks’ moving tribute to DMX and her passionate argument about artists receiving health care on the following page.

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