Stephen A. Smith responds and destroys Kwame Brown with hilarious blooper reel

Former NBA player Kwame Brown (Instagram – @kwan_low)

As if his words didn’t sting enough back in 2008 when he decimated the career of Kwame Brown, calling him a “bonafide scrub,” among other insults, Stephen A. Smith spent nearly ten minutes railing the career of the former #1 NBA draft pick on his show, “Stephen A’s World.”

Before launching a video of Brown’s bloopers on his ESPN+-supported platform, Smith explained that he has a right to analyze Brown’s game, as that is his job. The 53-year-old Bronx-bred sports pundit also made a case for Brown’s other targets, who he says were innocent bystanders in the diatribe that followed a breakdown of his career on the “All The Smoke” podcast. On that particular epsiode, co-hosts Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson sat with Gilbert Arenas and the trio discussed what they deemed the underwhelming career of a player who was once considered the best basketball prospect in the country.

Smith opined that none of them deserved Brown’s ire, as their comments regarding his career were just that. At no point did any of them attack him personally, which was opposite Brown’s apparent mission. Brown, who stands 6’11” to Smith’s 6’1″ actually invited the “First Take” host to engage in “hand-to-hand combat” in Seattle.

“Look, I don’t have a single negative thing to say about Kwame Brown, the person,” Smith said. “Nothing personal. Never have and no one out there has been attacking him personally either. That includes Gilbert Arenas.. Stephen Jackson… Matt Barnes, who he really got personal about and Matt Barnes never said a word. It doesn’t include Charlamagne Tha God either, nor Dr. Boyce Watkins. He didn’t say anything bad about Kwame either. Nor did Michael Wilbon deserve Kwame Brown coming at him. But Kwame Brown’s been getting personal with everybody these days.”

Check out the video below where Smith airs blooper after blooper with running commentary on every dropped ball, missed pass and more, as he proceeds to drop the mic on a topic that has lingered since Brown’s 75-minute long YouTube Livestream on May 15.


Peep the original clip of Smith ranting about Brown’s career below.


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