Why Lamar Jackson called White reporter ‘lame’ for tweet about Dwayne Haskins

He struggled “to catch on with Washington and Pittsburgh in the NFL.” Those were the words ESPN’s Adam Schefter used when breaking the news of Dwayne Haskins’ tragic death weeks before his 25th birthday in south Florida on April 9. It wasn’t what he said in a follow-up column, or commentary on the on-field impact […]

Kwame Brown blasts Russell Westbrook for wearing a dress (video)

Even in the renowned liberal city of Los Angeles, there are limits to expressing your individuality and eccentricities, according to former NBA player Kwame Brown.  Brown, a former player for the Los Angeles Lakers, completely eviscerated current Lakers star Russell Westbrook for recently posing for photos in a dress. The L.A. native posted the photos […]

Stephen A. Smith responds and destroys Kwame Brown with hilarious blooper reel

As if his words didn’t sting enough back in 2008 when he decimated the career of Kwame Brown, calling him a “bonafide scrub,” among other insults, Stephen A. Smith spent nearly ten minutes railing the career of the former #1 NBA draft pick on his show, “Stephen A’s World.” Before launching a video of Brown’s […]

Kwame Brown slams Stephen A. Smith for calling him a ‘scrub’ (videos)

Kwame Brown is on a revenge tour after enduring nearly two decades of bashing and mockery for allegedly being one of the biggest busts in NBA history. Earlier this week, Brown, the No. 1 pick during the 2001 NBA draft, scorched Stephen Jackson, Gilbert Arenas and especially Matt Barnes for rehashing how much of an […]

Ex-NBA star Kwame Brown destroys former players for criticizing him (video)

Former NBA player Kwame Brown is beyond sick of being proclaimed an all-time bust, and he unloaded on his latest critics. Brown, 39, was chosen as the No. 1 pick in the 2001 NBA Draft by Michael Jordan, who was a player and general manager for the Washington Wizards. But Brown was a spectacular disaster […]