Creative Yamil Little shares how Uber allows him time to be his artistic best

Creative Yamil Little shares how Uber allows him time to be his artistic best
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As the co-founder and creative force behind The Elements of HipHopolis comic book — a series that is actively creating a hip-hop universe similar to Marvel and DC Comics — Yamil Little needs as much free time as he can muster. Responsible for the character and storyline development of the budding series, Uber allows Little to work at his leisure for as long or short as he prefers. The Art Institute of Atlanta graduate took some time out of his schedule to discuss how he manages his daily operation as a thriving entrepreneur during a recent interview.

How and why is Uber one of those places that you can be your own boss and actually change your own destiny?

I feel, the biggest thing that you need is control of time. Because time is money. So when you’re able to create, when you’re able to manage, when you work and how you work, it opens up the door to the entrepreneurial mindstate.

If you were giving a speech to some young graduates who really were trying to figure out their direction what would be the five reasons that they should consider being an Uber driver.

You can set your own schedule

You can dictate how many hours you work.

You can dictate how much money you make.

It’s not a stressful job, but also you get to meet a lot of different people.

[Personally,] I’m a networker, so and I have a lot of other things that I do. So they allow me to promote my comic book.

It also allowed me to learn the city that I was in a lot better.

Well, what would you say you’ve learned about yourself that you never knew you had the capacity to, as relates to being an Uber driver?

The management aspect of my life, it kind of unlocked this door. [It] gave me control to the point where I could manage my destiny. But it was like an avenue where I could actually tangibly see something. And even with that, how the platform is set up and the goals; it just kind of it made me believe that I could do it.

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