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TeQuila Shabazz uplifts Black women while providing virtual solutions

TeQuila Shabazz uplifts Black women while providing virtual solutions
TeQuila Shabazz (Photo courtesy of Amber Marie Green)

TeQuila Shabazz is the CEO of Qui Support Solutions. Qui (k-EE) Support Solutions provides professional virtual associates known as QuiVAs to an exclusive member-based community. Shabazz has been an active participant in the empowerment of Black people. As a Black woman, she understands the challenges that exist with respect to starting and running a business at a high level. Rolling out spoke with Shabazz recently about those challenges, what she would change about the world and her biggest win.

What inspires you to work at your highest level?

Seeing how far up I can go and the number of people that I can help along the way inspires me. I am truly service oriented and love to build spaces where I and others can be empowered to live out our ideas of freedom and L.I.F.T. others as we rise. The Qui L.I.F.T. principles of Legacy, Leadership, Integrity, Freedom, Talent & Team inspire me to work at my highest level.

What separates what you do from others who offer the same service?

What sets Qui apart, is our member-based community of virtual assistants matched with predominantly woman-owned, Black-owned businesses. QuiVAs receive equitable contract opportunities, continuing education and a professional network; while clients have access to pre-qualified and supported talent.

What are three books that have inspired you on your journey?

Atomic Habits by James Clear changed the way I approached goal setting, No Matter What by Lisa Nichols empowered me during some of my darkest hours. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle reminded me that the past, present and future are happening simultaneously in the now — so be mindful, intentional and extend grace at all times.

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