6 reasons you may not be kissable

A kiss in Egypt. (Photo Credit: Stallworth Infinity)

Kissing is a simple and intimate way to express your feelings towards someone. Almost always a sweet gesture, when given with consent, that’s appreciated by the receiver. But this isn’t always true. While no one wants to claim the title of bad kisser, trust, it is hard to miss when you encounter one.

Never fear, here are some notable signs of a bad kisser to both avoid and learn from.

1. Coming in too hot
The eye contact and first contact upon kissing someone can be euphoric, but those tummy butterflies quickly turn to a tummyache if you are coming on too strong. Meaning, don’t attack your partner, start off slow and gentle, and lead with your lips. Not only will this leave them often wanting more, but it will allow you to catch a rhythm and better understand how they kiss and prefer to be kissed.

2. Too wet and sloppy
Everyone loves kisses from their pets, but no one wants to be reminded of their pet’s slobbery kisses when macking a person. Too much saliva in a kiss can definitely turn off your partner, as well as messy kisses. This is almost always a sign to your partner that you have not had much practice. And bad kissing can give a preview to your partner of what the sex would be like, and no one wants to be labeled a sloppy lover.

3. Bad breath
Nothing ruins the mood like funky breath. It’s totally normal for your breath to not be as fresh after eating and such, but you should definitely handle that before locking lips. Luckily, this one is an easy fix. Make sure to not only brush your teeth regularly but brush and clean your tongue! Your tongue holds germs that cause bad breath and often is the culprit behind the stench. Also, keep gum or mints with you for a quick fix.

4. Dry, crusty lips
Dry lips are not only uncomfortable to you, but they are uncomfortable to anyone kissing them. It ruins the experience. But again, this hygiene flaw is a fairly easy fix. When you get ready, make sure to apply a layer of lip balm and take it with you just in case.

5. Boring kiss
Just like with dancing, good kissing comes with rhythm. Mastering this can come with a learning curve because everyone is different. That is why it is important to take your time, start off slow and pay attention to your partner. Often you can pick up cues from your partner on what they like and are comfortable with. Similarly, a boring, lifeless kiss can be equally as awkward and make your partner feel as if you’re not into it, or worse, not into them. To avoid this, don’t be afraid to use your hands, maybe caress their face, pull them closer by the waist, or hold their neck.

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