You might be burned out if you notice these 5 signs

Self-care has turned into an after-thought

When people are experiencing burnout, they might forget to take care of themselves. Mental, physical, and emotional well-being can become an afterthought. The time you once spent in the gym or cooking a healthy, well-balanced meal is replaced with eating junk food on the couch. Some people engage in other unhealthy ways of coping such as drinking too much or self-medicating. 

You have noticed more cognitive issues than normal  

Having a hard time concentrating on a task or struggling to remember certain things can be a sign that you are on the brink of feeling burned out. According to Dr. Ballard, when stress becomes chronic, we have difficulty paying attention to other things.

Your job performance is diminishing

Research has shown that experiencing burnout can cause people to feel like a failure in the workplace. Other symptoms of burnout like cynicism and difficulty concentrating can lead to an overall decline in your effectiveness on the job.

If you have concluded that you are suffering from burnout, there are ways to combat it. You can start by prioritizing relaxation and self-care by unplugging from all your devices. When you need to, take a walk, or make time to hang out with loved ones.

Cultivating a fulfilling life outside of work by finding things you are passionate about, which brings you joy, will help make the shift back to your old self. It might also be necessary to take a look at your employer and assess whether it’s time to move on from your current position. 

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