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7 ways to make tasty turkey leftovers

7 ways to make tasty turkey leftovers
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Everybody ate good for Thanksgiving and after a few days the same food can become boring. Don’t sweat it though because here are a few recipes to maximize the most out of your turkey before it’s all done.

1. Turkey Soup – There’s nothing like a nice bowl of soup to warm you up in the winter and that leftover turkey is the main ingredient. Mixed in with a little, rice, okra, cream of soup and some mushrooms and you’ll forget all about what you’ve been eating for the past few days.

2. Turkey Nachos – Another way to add spice to the aging bird is to dice it up into pieces and create a feast of nachos. Mix it with cheese, tomatoes, black beans, corn, onions, cilantro and sour cream. Promise, the nachos will be just as happy as you are.

3. Turkey OmeletsThanksgiving dinner may be over but you’re going to be hungry in the morning when it’s time to refuel. Shred up pieces of the bird and with a few diced tomatoes and seasonings of your choice mixed with a few scrambled eggs and your mouth will be happy all day.

4. Turkey Salad Wraps – Chop up the turkey into bites and mix with mayonnaise, a little lettuce and tomato and you’ll be eating healthy and good at the same time.

5. Buffalo Turkey Baguette Pizzas – Get out the flatbread or pizza crust and layer it with tomato sauce, your favorite toppings like onions, tomatoes and mushrooms, along with shredded or cut turkey pieces and bake for 30 minutes, and you’ll soon catch another case of the itis.

6. Curry Turkey – Jerk up that leftover bird and season it with a little curry and mix it with some rice and potatoes and the turkey extends its presence a few more days at the dinner table.

7. Turkey Egg Rolls – Shred the turkey, grab the coleslaw and mix with a little ginger, salt, and garlic powder and fry it in egg roll wraps and dinner is served… again.

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