Alicia Keys is finally at peace as she makes new tracks

Alicia Keys is finally at peace as she makes new tracks
Alicia Keys (Photo credit: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency via Bang Media)

Alicia Keys is “finally comfortable in [her] own greatness.”

The 40-year-old singer was recently named the Female R&B Act of the Millennium by the Recording Industry Association of America and admitted that she is now at peace with her “grandness and greatness” as she releases a double LP titled Keys.

She said: “I’m finally comfortable being in my grandness and greatness, it’s a homecoming. I’m so ready for this music, I’m not backing down. I know no one can do it like I can.”

The “New York” singer then went on to claim that she spent a long time “holding back” but now wants to live life as never before.

Speaking to The Daily Star newspaper, she explained: “I spent a long time holding myself back and when I say I know my lane, I want to live in it in a way I never did before.”

The double LP — which features one half dubbed Originals, a collection of piano-based tracks, and another called Unlocked, which features more experimental reworkings of music with her fellow artists — is something of a “Sunday and a Saturday,” according to the singer.

She said: “It’s two albums, the original is broken down, keys, blues, jazz songs and then the other side, my brother [Mike Will] made it and I sampled the originals for the Unlocked version and has a whole different perspective and creates a whole other energy. It’s kind of like a Sunday and a Saturday, I feel like people really love the piano side of me. I can never express myself in one style. The other side of it allows me to go a little crazy.”

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