Lamar Odom remembers late son on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

In a confessional, Odom — who also has Destiny and Lamar Jr. with Jayden’s mom, his former girlfriend Liza Morales — reflected on his bond with his baby and his hope that he will see the tot again one day.

He said: “Even at six months old I was saying that we had a really great relationship because whenever I would come into the room his eyes would just follow me wherever I went until I picked him up.

“He was a really special baby; 2006 would’ve made him, right now, I think 15 or 14 years old. There’s just something I don’t think I’d ever get over. But him coming to me in a dream lets me know that he’s not too far away. And I know I’ll see him in an afterlife.”

“Diff’rent Strokes” actor Bridges admitted his “heart goes out” to Odom because of the tragedy he faced.

He said: “Hearing Lamar [say] that he lost a kid has to be the biggest thing that someone has to deal with, and my heart goes out to Lamar because he’s dealt with so much stuff.”

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