US Senate candidate burns Confederate flag in latest campaign ad (video)

US Senate candidate burns Confederate flag in latest campaign ad (video)
Gary Chambers Jr. (Image source: YouTube/Gary Chambers Jr. )

Gary Chambers Jr., a United States Senate candidate in Louisiana, released a campaign ad in January 2022 titled “37 seconds” that shows him smoking marijuana. Apparently, he’s found more creative ways to promote his campaign.

In his most recent ad, Chambers sets a Confederate flag on fire. He titled the ad, “Scars and Bars.”

The ad begins with Chambers holding a United States flag.

“They said we hold these truths to be self-evident, Chambers says. That all men are created equal.”

The video then shows Chambers holding a Confederate flag. “But here in Louisiana and all over the South, Jim Crow never really left and the remnants of the Confederacy remain.”

“Gerrymandered districts are a by-product of the Confederacy,” Chambers says as he lights the flag on fire. “It’s time to burn what remains of the Confederacy down. I do believe the South will rise again. But this time it’ll be on our terms.”

Chambers is looking to challenge Republican Sen. John Kennedy in the fall elections, but Kennedy seems to be leading the race.

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