Woman lost 30 pounds after going on Kevin Samuels’ show; reflects on his legacy

Woman lost 30 pounds after going on Kevin Samuels' show; reflects on his legacy
Kesha MEd. (Video screenshot by rolling out)

Kesha Jones, known on social media as TheRealKeshMEd, thought she had it all figured out.

A Grand Valley State University graduate, Jones is in the midst of her health journey and has frequently requested to join Kevin Samuels‘ on his broadcast to millions of followers on both YouTube and Instagram. One night, he honored her request.

Jones wasn’t prepared for what would come next — a comment section and Samuels himself, focusing on her weight. The experience fell in line with how many of Samuels’ other guests felt leaving the show— humiliated and embarrassed. Once the news of Samuels’ death surfaced, many social media users celebrated the influencer’s passing.

For Jones, she reacted to his death a bit differently. After going on his show, she started her health journey and lost 30 pounds in three months. Her energy levels have “skyrocketed” and she no longer experiences brain fog. She also sets short and long-term goals with the necessary steps to complete them. Jones explained her Samuels’ experience to rolling out in more depth recently.

What was your experience with Kevin Samuels like?

Last year, I was looking to start my health journey to lose weight at the time. I was overweight, so I got on Kevin Samuels. I have a background in advertising and PR. I [just] got my bachelor’s [degree] and I got on to build my brand and gain attention at the time. I kind of knew where he was going to go, but I didn’t know that he was going to target my weight. When he targeted my weight, it was from him, it was from the comments, it was from all the viewers and it kind of threw me off. I wasn’t prepared for the interview, but at that time, I will say that it was all motivation for me to push to do my health journey at the time.

After Samuels’ death, a lot of people said he tore Black women down. For you being a guest on the show how did you feel about that public response shortly after he died?

I will say at the time, I did have something towards him just because it was all the negativity. But it was things that we needed to hear at the end of the day. When he died, I felt like death is where I draw the line. Targeting someone who’s dead, I’m not all in for that. I just looked at the brighter side, like what did I learn from the interview? He was definitely a part of my health journey as to why I did lose weight. When I started losing weight I invested in a coach, and that’s when I got educated on health.

He was a big impact, and I had to give him his props, especially during the time of his death and all of these negative comments.

Even when I posted that, I was just going through the comments and people were saying “This woman is crazy, she needs therapy.” It was so many negative comments and I wanted to have that outlook and positivity on his name.

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