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White House honors Velma Trayham for mentoring Black women business owners

White House honors Velma Trayham for mentoring Black women business owners
Velma Trayham. (Photo courtesy of K A C Images and U LLC.)

Velma Trayham‘s accomplishments have been recognized by our nation at the highest level.

In April, she received the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from President Joe Biden. The honor highlighted a few Americans who “exhibit outstanding character, work ethic and dedication to their communities.” Her company, ThinkZilla Consulting, addresses the economic barriers women have historically faced when attempting to build a business. ThinkZilla provides in-depth training and mentorship to those entrepreneurs.

Trayham discussed her latest accomplishment and reflected on her career.

How did it feel to be recognized by the Biden-Harris administration?

It is an amazing feeling to just be seen as more than just a woman of color in entrepreneurship, especially by President Biden and the beautiful VP, Kamala Harris. I am still taking it in honestly, as it’s been a hectic and productive schedule since the honor in April. Still surreal, yet proud to say that I am amongst the select philanthropists and community activists to obtain one of the nation’s highest recognitions.

When did you first become inspired to enter the world of mentorship?

Honestly, I have always been a woman who saw more than the front cover of people, including their capabilities. At the same time, I want every woman to win in her own light, that has always been something I try to keep instilled within my own character, as well as, becoming the woman of faith in God and my own blessings, it is just the right thing to push for in the world amongst minority women. We carry so much weight and load. I want more women to be in position and step in their purpose to break more generational cycles or stereotypes. Mentoring more women of color became more of a reality under my foundation, Millionaire Mastermind Academy, which is my nonprofit organization that I created to fulfill this mission. Eight thousand minority women later, I am focused on producing more wins with more women globally.

What are three pieces of advice would you give to a Black woman who doesn’t know where to go next in life?

The first thing is to be open and honest with who she is now, who she wants to be, and why. Success starts with identifying, acknowledging and accepting who you are and who you want to grow to be in the future, no matter the challenges that come with it.

Find and truly embrace your full purpose on your journey to ignite more growth and accomplishments within the possibilities God has placed on your journey.

Don’t be afraid to find your mentor during your elevation of your professional and personal endeavors.

How do you balance your businesses and brand with motherhood?

Motherhood is the forefront and motivation as to why I founded ThinkZilla and MMA … Some days, I don’t know how I manage it, and other days it’s God’s grace.

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